Hello, My Name is Mischief

This is a pretty accurate shot of Graydon these days. He's a happy little guy but he's also very much into stretching his limits. A minute after this, he lifted the shelf above up and dumped all his stuffed animals on the floor. And then dumped the shelf over too.

He's a wonderful little guy but I am looking forward to when he can speak better and relay his desires without having to resort to acting out and doing things that he knows are upsetting and/or dangerous.

Today is the big day! We've got a doctor's appointment in about and hour and a half and then we will find out whether we are having a little girl or a little boy. The excitement is building but the odds makers are still running dead even at 50/50.

And our new marketing manager started yesterday which means that my plate is not heaped quite so high anymore. Its still plenty high but at least now I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.
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