Happy Full Moon Friday the 13th

Today's a rough one, a full moon (at least it looked full as it set while Nande and I walked down into the slough this morning) and then the whole Friday the 13th thing. Bad mojo indeed. But boy what a beautiful moon it was so low on the horizon and lit up with sunrise rays! Just awesome! And I did not have my camera as we were walking extra early this morning.

Now add in the third piece and the downright evilness of the day becomes wholly apparent. I had to go and sit in a dentist's chair at a quarter to eight this morning. The other night a quarter of one my teeth broke off from the rest and created a fabulously sharp edge in the upper right hand corner of my mouth.

But not anymore, now I've got a temp filling that should hold me until I go back for the crowning which will be more fun this time as they have to make it a deeper crown than normal as I happen to have a wee cavity right above the gumline.

Fun, fun, fun. And even more so when I found out that our health insurance won't cover major dental (and I guess a crown counts as major dental work these days) for the first year of coverage. Which is pretty ridiculous as we're already paying them an arm and a leg. But oh well. So I'll go back in a couple of weeks for a much longer procedure with lots of needles, novacaine and suction (by the way, I'm classified as a heavy drooler, sweet!).

Happy Full Moon Friday the 13th, be safe, take your time and don't succumb to the evilness that is the double witching Friday the 13th.
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