Happy Anniversary to Me!

I'm not positive of the exact date of the anniversary anymore, its clouded by the sands of time and the coastal fog, but this week (or last) marks my eleventh year in California!

I came out here in 1995 to finish my college in the only Mediterranean climate in North America as I'd just come back from the only one in South Africa (Cape Town) and have yet to find a compelling enough reason to go somewhere else.

Yes, I miss my family an awful lot sometimes. I miss being able to see my nephews and neice as often as I would like. I miss being able to go and spend a lazy Sunday at my mom's or my aunt and uncle's (because they have the never-ending supply of the best damned hickory smoked bacon you'll ever smell or eat, well not JUST because of the bacon).

But I am happy here, I love Santa Cruz. I love being near the ocean, love the friends I've made here, love my family I've created here, love my wife, my son, my hound. This is home for me. Just not precisely where we are happening to be living right now. But that's alright, our home is together and that works just fine for me.

So yeah, Happy Anniversary to me!
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