Fashion We Really Don't Need

No, sorry fashion designers with no good ideas, we do not need clothing for men that have silk-screened boobs on them and a weird lumberjack-ish look to the whole costume. I do not know what circumstances would call for such a look but these times are not they.

This is bad fashion, this is unsettling fashion, this is similar to the hoax Japanese x-ray panties from a couple of years ago. Because these are real, this is some designer's design, not a hoax. And it is seriously butt ugly too. I like how the tough-boy model is trying to look tough while wearing a shirt with boobs on it. I don't think the suspenders are helping.

Besides, half of the clothes the models wear in these runway shows is dumbasswear, only fools would wear them. Or its lingerie worn as outerwear, and that's fine if you're a supermodel but its not so great when you're a hundred twenty pounds over your ideal body weight.
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