The CIA, Iran, the Bomb and a Really Stupid Plan

In what universe could the CIA have thought that giving a bad set of blueprints for an implosion device that would reduce the size of a nuclear bomb from a large missile to a briefcase sized device?

Sadly, this universe. This bodes extraordinarily badly. Here's a quick summary. Back in 2000, a Russian nuclear scientist was used as a pawn by the CIA to try and misdirect the Iranian nuclear weapons program by feeding it bad blue prints (nuclear blue prints with intentional flaws embedded in them). The problem is that the scientist gave them a note about the flaw and the blue prints contained plenty of useful information to help propel their program.

A few years later, a CIA communications operative screwed a high speed transmission burst and effectively ruined the CIA intelligence network in Iran by exposing all of the agents. So, we don't know how far Iran is in developing the bomb now. And we went after Iraq why?
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