The Bus Rolls On to Detroit and History

It was over in the first quarter, the Broncos' post-season hopes were dashed against the fast and furious defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They were a good team but their offense just couldn't stand up to the Steelers D.

The crowd noise was not a factor. Big Ben's sore thumb was not a factor. The Bus's asthma was not a factor.

The Steelers' will to win was the factor. And they played like superstars. What was Big Ben's first half quarterback rating? 144.something? Yeah. And this is his second season in the league? Hehehe. That'll work out just fine.

It was a good game to watch if you're a Steeler fan or if you're an anti-Broncos fan (as many are). And who else should go to SuperBowl XL but the larger than life Steelers led by the great Jerome Bettis and Hines Ward?

Bring on those other guys. Who is it? Seahawks or Panthers. Doesn't matter, they're about to get runned over by a man on a mission. This will very likely be Bettis' last season and what better way to end a Hall of Fame career than with a SuperBowl victory? Which you can take to mean that I'm calling it for the Steelers, say 31-17? Yeah, that sounds about right to me.
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