Apparently the Governator IS Above the Law

So, by now everyone's heard about the Governator tanking his side car equipped motorcycle into a car that backed out in front of him last week. He had one of his kids with him and both were shaken and bruised but otherwise alright.

And then it came to light that Schwarzenegger was operating the motorcycle without the proper license.

This morning I saw on the news that he's not going to get a ticket for riding his bike without a license. Which is a really bad and stupid move, I think. What message does this send? That the Governor of California IS, in fact, above this particular law. That he can break a law and get away with it. And that is a really stupid message to send.

So here is my open call to Governor Schwarzenegger to step up and take responsibility for his transgression. Show the people of California that you are NOT above the law, show the people of California that you respect the law, not that you can use your power to rise above it.

I have even less respect for him now because he's using his influence to circumvent the law's punishment. And its a little thing, the ticket would be less than a hundred bucks but its too much for him?

It is incumbent upon those sitting in power to not allow themselves to be separated from the people by that power. It is incredibly important for leaders to lead by example and to be role models of the law of the land. That Schwarzenegger flaunts the law means he has no respect for the law and that is galling and totally unseemly.

I think it would send a very powerful message if all Californians wrote him an email to express their disgust with his breaking of the law and then not paying the price for it just like every other Californian. As it is, if I got pulled over without a license, I would cite his case and refuse to pay.

And for any of you who are thinking that this is not a big deal at all, consider this, if he's willing to use his power on a minor ticket issue like this, do you really think he's going to follow the letter of the law on, say, corruption, special interest money or anything. If someone can't follow the lessor laws then what makes you think they'll obey the more important laws?
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