When Words Fail, Just Kick Some Ass

Because Intelligent Design supporters have no arguments that do not presuppose the existence of the supernatural (pretty much the antithesis of a scientific theory) they appear to have to resort to violence as a means of getting their point across.

The latest battle for the minds of kids in school was recently waged in Kansas where a Professor assaulted by angry intelligent design supporters even after he'd already withdrawn plans for discussing ID in a religious studies course.

Why religious studies? Because ID isn't science and has no business being taught alongside evolution. Its farcical to be forced to consider a system of belief that begins with the conclusion that God exists because of the complexity of the universe. Sorry but that shit might have worked when the majority of people couldn't read or reduce arguments to their logical premises and, sometimes, illogical conclusions.

Nope, instead of rational debate, we now have religious vigilantes attacking people who speak out against their holy theory (no wait, that's holey theory). How very Christian of them to use violence to get their point across. Same thing with Al Sharpton preying on poor people and being the frontman for a con-game scheme that charges more than 370% annual interest on lame ass loans.
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