What? Was Ricky Retardo Already Taken?

Brainwashed PETA drone Chris Garnett has legally changed his name to KentuckyFriedCruelty.com. To which I say, dude, chicks will so dig saying "Take me, Mr. Cruelty.com". I get passion and I get being committed to a cause but the dotcom thing was like five years ago, at best.

Oh yeah, KFC apparently treats the chickens they raise for food badly. Just ask PETA who thinks any "exploitation" of an animal is morally unjustifiable, unless its the exploitation of animals to develop insulin to help keep people alive, people like Ingrid Newkirk who happens to the founder of PETA and a raging shout monkey.

I'm not defending KFC because chickens are a nasty business. But, as was noted in the MeFi thread I read this on, these tactics serve to make a portion of the population intentionally go to KFC and buy their chicken.

And, last thought, Al Sharpton as a celebrity spokesman does absolutely nothing but encourage me to go eat a huge damned steak and then to take my son for a Pony ride and then get him a nice new leather jacket.
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