The Unintentional Asshole

Imagine my joy upon awaking this morning (on the couch as I wanted to give my kidneys a rest from the kicking toddler who loves to sleep in the big bed) and seeing the world covered in a wet grey blanket of rain and fog.

But, being the solid dog owner guy I am, we got up and headed down to the slough for a walk in the rain (I'm not completely crazy as I had my morning coffee with me to help fend off the chill). I knew it would be a short walk this morning because I just didn't have any interest in getting soaked.

So we were working our course rapidly, trying to get Nande's ya-yas out as quickly as possible. I didn't expect anyone to come through the slough in the rain but two of the regular boys came pedalling through on their bikes.

And that's when Nande became the unintentional asshole. When they approached, she charged at them to say hello but was an idiot, ran right in front of one of the boy's front wheels and brought him down. On to the wet, muddy ground.

So incredibly not cool that I bet there was steam coming off the top of my head. And that was the end of the walk. Nande and I came back up, she was sent to lay on her bed until I decided she was ready to have some freedom again.

I'm incredibly angry with her for being so stupid (yes, I'm aware that its stupid to remain pissed off at her when she's already forgotten what she did to make me pissed off and I'm trying to let it slide off of me but its a little stickier this morning because she could have, unintentionally, hurt that kid).

We need to move to a place where I can walk her without having to worry about other people getting in her way. She's not a mean dog in any way but she is incredibly obtuse as to the consequences of her actions at times. This morning was one of those times. I'm just glad the kid was alright and, the next time we're down there, she's going to be kept under a much, much tighter rein.
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