'Tis the Season....

'Tis the season for everyone selling anything to proclaim that their merchandise is THE PERFECT GIFT. Even if its a toilet scrubber or suppositories. Or, no joke, a gift card to 7-11. Nothing says I love you like a gift card you bought five minutes before arriving at your in-laws for Christmas.

Have I mentioned lately that the crassness of Christmas is one of the main reasons I thoroughly hate this fucking holiday? Well now I have. And I'm sure there are a couple more bah humbug posts to come in the next few weeks as the incessant Christmas "cheer" and music starts to infect my mind.

And if you'll excuse me, I'm heading out to buy my wife a $5000 diamond necklace and new Lexus to PROVE that I love her. Nothing says love like massive debt, does it?

The only good thing about Christmas this year is that Graydon should have a blast.
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