Survivor Wrap

So last night's Survivor episode was the car winning episode that is the kiss of death for the winner, in ten seasons the winner of the car has never won the game. So the producers of the show offered Zookeeper Cindy, the one who won the challenge, an option out of the curse of the car.

If she chose to, she could have given up her car and given a brand new car to the other four players. Two of which had no cars of their own and one of which had a son who was coming of driving age.

From a game strategy standpoint it was a no-brainer. From a Utilitarian standpoint, it was a no-brainer. But from Cindy's viewpoint, she was a strong competitor and would overcome the curse so she took the car and that was it. But the worst part of it was that, after the night away with lots of food and a nice place to sleep, she wouldn't shut up about her new car and how fantastic it was. She was crowing about her new car to the same people she had been given the option of giving a new car to but didn't seem to grasp that she was rubbing their faces in it.

Which kind of tells me that she's a dipshit. If you're that incapable of recognizing that you're being an asshole then you don't deserve to be there at all.

And, not surprisingly, she was the next one voted out.

She could have played it totally differently and ended up in a better place WITH her new car. But she was stupid about it and then couldn't shut up about it. And then tried to make Rafe the bad guy in a last ditch attempt to save herself. Oops.

She could have talked about her present car being a deathtrap or something. Or that the new car would be wonderful to be able to give to her mom who was driving around in a deathtrap. Or she should have just given up her car so that the four others could get one and pretty well be assured of making it into the final four.

So, Cindy, was your $30,000 car worth losing out on a chance for a million? I hope so because that's what it cost you.
[Update: I forgot the other argument we had for her keeping the car, if her current car really is a total shit bucket then I can understand her keeping it. But, even so, it was a dumb move as you can buy a rather nice ride with a million bucks and she knew the odds were against her if she kept it.]
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