Soft and Fat and Ripe

Mark Morford's latest column, Long Needles For Large Butts discusses the cultural changes that are having to come about because America is, by and large and larger, getting fat, fat, fat. Fat enough to need a longer needle to get through all that extra ass padding.

He links to a USA Today story about airlines having to spend considerably more on fuel because of fatness. I heard an anecdotal tale about a co-worker's flight where they had to get out the seat belt extender to get it across this guy's enormous gut.

America is becoming soft, fat and ripe for assault. We're complacent and more than happy to let others do for us what we can and should be doing for ourselves. Its easier to sit and watch The Biggest Loser (which is among my favorite shows for a variety of reasons but not the least of which is the overwhelmingly positive environment in which people learn how to live a healthier lifestyle) and gobble a family sized bag of pork rinds and comment on how they're still fat instead of getting up off your ass and doing something about your own corpulence.

Corpulence, its a beautiful word really. Of course, it means a great big fat ass and all but its a lovely word, has a nice pace and harmonic component.

And then, last night on the news, they announced that Americans are healthier than ever because the average lifetime now lasts 77.6 years. Which has little to do with health and alot more to do with medical advances. America is well on its way to become the land of the fat and the home of the corpulent.

Don't forget that this year's NFL Super Bowl is Super Bowl XL and that's about the most appropriate one yet.
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