The Snooping Will Continue......

Bush vows more eavesdropping in spite of the fact that its against the law but that's not stopped him before.
The spying program, under which the National Security Agency was given the authority to intercept the communications without court approval, was first disclosed by the New York Times last Friday. A 1978 law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, makes it illegal to spy on U.S. citizens in the United States without court approval.
Alberto Gonzales, he of the pro-torture stance and without even the tiniest shred of public credibility, has defended his master's decree (I can imagine Bush patting his head and telling him he's a good boy afterwards) by saying its helping to keep us safer. Just like torturing people is helping to secure our freedom (and helping to recruit more and more and more people who have nothing but the deepest hatred and loathing for all things American even though most Americans are as appalled by these disgusting creatures posing as our country's leaders) by systemically denying POW's the rights they have according to conventions that the US signed and is supposed to be adhering to. Who's next? Dick Cheney saying he solemnly believes snooping on Americans is the right thing to do and why not let the CIA legally torture detainee's even while Bush says the US doesn't torture POW's.

And, by the way, the Patriot Act has nothing to do with patriotism unless you call the removal of your freedoms some sort of twisted patriotism. Good on the Senate for rejecting and forcing Bush to work on it and not make it the equivalent of a civil rights mudslide.

Bush went on to complain most angrily about the person who leaked the information of him not only intentionally violating the law but doing so more than 30 times since 9/11. Which is, as we know, par for the course, its not the crime being commited that's wrong, its the leak of the news to the media and the country that's wrong. Or so they would have you and me believe. But I don't believe anything they say anymore, they've no credibility with me and I hope they have no credibility with you. And if they do then maybe you should ask yourself why? And if you say 9/11 then maybe you should be reminded that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had NOTHING to do with 9/11.
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