Shockingly Stupid

What is one of the dumbest thing you could do after getting fired for not being very good at your job?

Why, send emails to your customer contacts telling them what a raw deal you got from your ex-company, that would certainly qualify is exceedingly stupid.

Don't think people are stoopid enough to pull that grade school payback moronacy? Think again. My company is currently doing a small amount of damage control from an ex-employee who not only sent emails to his previous clients but made it appear that he was sending the emails from our company. So that, if the clients responded, the emails came right into the company where they were read by my boss.

Who let us know what was happening and then called the cops. From what I understand (and mind that this is all speculation and may not be wholly true but I try my best), this ex-employee used contact information he had when he was working with the company to send slag emails to several clients. His emails basically said he got a crappy deal and that he has a family and that they, the client, shouldn't do business with us anymore because he got a raw deal.

Notwithstanding the flashing retardedness of his grade school antics, he's in a pretty serious pot 'o shit now because he's committed at least one crime in this, fraud and I'm sure there are several more laws he's breached with his dumbass. So now the question is what happens from here.

Stay tuned and let's find out together.

The kicker? He asked for a reference for him moving forward. I'd happily give him a reference. Here's one he can have right now:

This is a deeply creepy, disturbed and angry man with many insecurities and neuroses. He can be incredibly condescending about commonly understood things. He will assume that you are an idiot without any evidence either way. He'll relentlessly hit on women in your office who are 20 years younger than he is and know he's married. He is not the kind of person you want on your payroll.

It could be worse, of course, he could have come into the office with a couple of pistols and killed everyone.
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