Quick Thoughts on Tookie

Note, I am a death penalty supporter. You may not be and that's your choice but I am and I have very strong reasons for being one. Skip this post if death penalty discussions elicit irrational opinion holding or fury or whatever. You are entitled to your opinion, just not here.
I'm working on a larger post about capital punishment in relation to Stanley "Tookie" Williams' imminent execution for the brutal murders of 4 people some 26 years ago.

There's alot of rhetoric flying around about this case and the chances that Governator Asshat will grant clemency.

Well, I'm a Californian and I do not see any reason why Tookie should be granted clemency for his crimes. He killed four people and laughed about it afterwards. Nothing he has done before or after can relieve him of that burden of guilt. He ended four lives by his own hand. Locking him up forever isn't a solution, its letting nature take its course when he ended four lives. Not one, four.

Sorry, Stanley, if your rehabilitation and redemption are truly real then you will be going to a better place (if you buy into that mythology). But I cannot understand how you could be redeemed for a crime you say you didn't commit? I don't understand how you can be rehabilitated for murder if you're still breathing. How is that justice? How is that fair?

I've yet to hear how allowing him to live is in, in any way, just for the families of those four people he murdered. Why should he be allowed to live? Why should he be allowed to live out his days in prison when he took away four people's rights to live out their days with their families and loved ones.

By the way, there are fears of riots in Southern California if Governor Asshat doesn't grant clemency for him. Which makes absolutely no sense. He's guilty, that's no in question here, the question is whether he dies now or later for his crimes.

[Update: Clemency denied.]
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