Quick Fanboy Moment

Yes, last night was the season finale of Survivor: Guatemala and it was a good one. Aside from the mildly anti-climactic ending where it was all but assured that Danni was going to win because Steph had stabbed too many people in the back.

Danni was my second choice to win but Gary had been voted out several weeks ago and he was no longer an option. So I was happy about the outcome. Even more so in that the world got to see, again, what a freakin' tool Judd is/was/and always shall be.

And, sorry Rafe, I'm glad you weren't a factor, you're syrupy sweet personality starts to get kind of annoying after a while. Danni made the right choice in taking Steph. But then she made the very, very wrong choice in the collagen injection in her lips or whatever the hell she did between the jungle and the tv set because damn if her lips didn't take on a life of their own. Weird.
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