Punkin' Chunking on My Mind

I just chaught the tail end of Monster Garage where they were having folks around the country with monster somethings perform challenges to win schwag (nice sets of sweet tools).

The last one they had was the world champion punkin' chunker. They launched a pumpkin three quarters of a mile two years ago with an air powered cannon.

And, for Monster Garage, they were shooting at stacked up cars about a hundred and fifty feet away. The pumpkins were going straight through the sides of cars. No wait, think about that for a second. These pumpkins were going so fast they went right through the metal side of a van and out of the other side. And when one hit the door pillar it was like a grenade went off. The door was destroyed and the left part of the dashboard was gone with wires and metal jutting out. Un-freaking-believable.

And the guys riding the buzzbomb jet bike were kind of cool in a 31 miles per hour top speed kind of way with a home built jet engine on a stripped bike frame. Interesting and the fire was pretty and I liked seeing the glowing jet in the night shots.

But when I lay me down to sleep tonight. I will dream of punkin' chucking and the wonderful things I could shoot a pumpkin through. I wish they made a portable version. And I wish I had an mpeg of it.
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