Out with a Roar

It appears that 2005 is not going to go quietly into the night as it is doing its best to rip apart the house right now with high winds and driving rain. Enough so that it looks like the trees are getting down a funky beat and the umbrella on the deck almost took flight, if only for the 70 pound base keeping it grounded.

The wind is howling around the house, trying to find a way in. Our storage closet on the deck normally has its doors held closed by a little carabiner but without that biner in place, the doors had been torn open and the wind had actually started scooping things out of the closet to throw them all around the deck and yard.

In short, its storming like a mofo out there right. Looks like a good day to curl up and watch a movie or five.

Happy New Year, universe. I fully expect 2006 to surpass 2005 in many ways. And now I'm off to do some research on how expensive it is to have a bulldozer reshape a hillside.
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