Instant Individualized Internet Radio

Pandora is part of the Music Genome Project and asks for a song or artist to build from, then builds you a personal radio station based on that input and will start streaming new music to your browser, just like that.

Cool beans and a great way to find new music that's along the lines of music that you already know and like. Just don't use it if you're on a skinny pipe in your office as that'll tend to piss folks off.

I punched in "Pablo Picasso" (which is actually titled Nite Becomes Day) by Citizen Cope and am listening to the first suggestion, "Deep" by Citizen Cope. I'm curious as to where it would go if I just let it play and play. I'd also like to see the playlist at some point, not sure if that's built in or I've gotta note songs as they play.

But its pretty cool. Even if it doesn't have a back button, just a pause and jump forward next to a volume slider.
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