Infuriating Technology

How can you tell when your wireless router is crapping out? You can't, you'll just spend many, many hours trying to get the piece of shit to work when its done. Or maybe you can and they just don't want to tell you how to check.

I don't know but I spent my night last night trying to revive a stupid Linksys Wireless G router/gateway. To no avail.

And I love that a good portion of the help files on located on their website. Which makes no damned sense at all, if you can get access to the website then you don't need the friggin' support.

Anyway, I've got instructions printed out and several tacks to take on this piece of shit router. And if they don't work then I'm going to smash it to little pieces with my mini-sledge. That will, at least, be satisfying as I nearly through the fucking thing through a wall this morning.
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