I See Your True Colors

Warning, Fanboy post dead ahead, veer off, take evasive action or just settle in for impact.
Last night was among the most satisfying Survivor's yet. I particularly like it when the bully gets blindsided and tossed off the island. Judd, the liar who lies to himself about his lying, got kicked out and its really about time. The guy used his size to intimidate the other players and, upon his dismissal, he showed his true colors by wishing that a crocodile bit every one of the players who was left.

Boo hoo, you big baby. Try not to be such an asshole to people and you won't get blindsided. Try not to lie like a rug, get caught at it and then say again just a day or two later that you've never lied. Good luck with that cognitive dissonance. And I'm sure you're bright and sunny attitude and grace in defeat will open many doors in Hollywood, maybe we'll see you as one of the soon to be executed Sopranos. But I kind of doubt we'll see anything of you again after this season's over.

And now they're down to five, four women and Rafe. Danni's probably my odds on favorite to win because she reminds me a little of my sister and she's got a great smile. Steph's the most dangerous one left now and, if she doesn't get immunity next time, they would do well to vote her out sooner rather than later. And, if Steph gets immunity, they should boot Rafe as he's won too many immunity challenges and is a serious threat. Lydia's likely to be carried along now because she'd be a pretty easy target in the final two. Cindy was just cast out into the cold with the loss of her main ally, that and they've been showing more of her comments on the side that kind of show she's sort of a mean person (denigrating other people's intelligence publicly is an asshole thing to do). Rafe is dangerous only because he's a pretty nice guy and would be tough to beat in the end. He's also the sole male left which makes him a target if the women get a girl power wild hair going.

I'm glad Judd's gone though, he was an ass and proved it with his parting comments.
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