Gross Persona

or Even Homeless People Send Presents Home at Christmas
Santa Cruz is a haven for "characters", from the ass who wanders (at a pace a snail would laugh at with his ridiculous tiny steps) up and down the Pacific Garden Mall in a women's flower print dress and a tinfoil lined umbrella to the guy who sits on the corner I cross to go to the post office every other day.

And then there's one homeless guy I've seen for the last couple of years. He's a dude without any manners when it comes to social graces, he's walked into my path several times, cut me off in businesses and is, from what I can tell, a fucking dutchbag in need of a skull tap.

The worst part? I know exactly what this asshole stinks like before I get within range of his aura. Its not good, a combination of fermenting body stink, cigarettes, bad weed and general filth.

And I had the misfortune to have to get stuck behind him at the Post Office again, the holiday crowded Post Office, this afternoon. With some a-hole behind me who kept trying to inch his way ahead of me, and in retrospect I should have let him go so he could buffer the stench from the big haired homeless wanker.

I don't get how you could be that unaware of your own massive reakitude that you'd willingly go into a crowded place where you will literally turn stomachs with your stench. 'Tis the season to disgust strangers with your absolute lack of hygiene, tralalalala la la la la.
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