Goodbye Discover, You Will Not Be Missed

Shutting down a credit card is a cathartic action. It feels good to take a line of sugary sweet credit and turn it off and get it away as far as possible.

You see, for you who may not have come to this conclusion as I have yet, credit card companies aren't there to make life better for you. They exist because they make massive, massive amounts of money off of you. Really, its obscene what some credit card companies offer as "deals".

Is it a deal to get loaned some money at 23% interest? Is it a deal that spending $10,000 gets you a whopping $50 cash back award? Is it a deal that they will set the payment hounds loose on your slow paying sorry ass if you forget to send them their blood money for a week or two? Is it a deal when thier helpful phone maze is chock full of dead ends so you spend more time wandering around trying to find help than being helped (hint, for Discover, after they pick up hit **** to get connected alot faster)? Is it a deal when my request to shut the damned account was rebuffed four times by the first "closure expert" I spoke with, she just kept trying to throw little crappy "incentives" at me to keep the account open and then, when I got pissed off after asking her three times politely, on the fourth, I shouted at her to please just close the account, then she hung up on me. Where's the deal? After a call back and being connected to another call center hub, the account was finally closed after I registered a complaint against the persistent non-"closure expert".

Now it feels doubly good to close the account. And it felt good to shred their bill and it will feel good to chop up the card. And I will not mind in the least relating what a truly terrible job of customer service Discover did for me and that I'm sure there are other credit card companies that are much more deserving of your business.

I do like my USAA card. Though I should give them a call and see if they'll lower my rate just because its never a bad idea to see if they will. You'd be surprised what credit card companies will do if you ask.
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