Funny Spam is Still Spam

Okay, I admit that sometimes a decently funny spam subject line will get me to actually open their stupid spam. The latest winner to slip in for a moment's view before deletion? A single word in the subject line, MASTERDICK! with a nice little breakdown of all the pills they purport to sell and what they'll do for me. Pretty funny.

But does a spam that lives an extra eight seconds have any more real value than spam that's easily identifiable and deletable (yes, folks, the Cheap Drugs xjv subject line may be easy for you to remember and use but its even easier to set up a filter for auto-deletion). My position has not shifted in the slightest, serial spammers should be fed, feet first and live on webcam, into a large chipper/shredder and their remains should be spattered over other spammers as they wait their turn to be stuffed into the shredder. Spammers add nothing, cost billions and are nothing but lazy crooks, at least muggers have to get up off their asses and go outside.
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