Free for the Holidays

Sometimes I hate being in my line of work and sometimes I just dislike the reality of a business. And then, there are other times when its mildly bittersweet when someone loses their job. And then I think about the holidays that are coming up and how much extra free time the newly dismissed would have to get things done.

One of our sales guys was let go last week. For a variety of reasons but the main one being that he just wasn't producing. Of course, its hard to do the job under the best of circumstances but its even harder to do it when you have a complete dutchbag for a manager who thinks shouting and threatening are perfectly acceptable management styles.

There's something cold about firing someone three weeks before Christmas. Not that I'm a religious person by any stretch but its a tough time to have your livelihood taken away from you. Though I have noted that this is definitely a case of better him than me and yes, that does make me feel a little guilty and a little dirty.

But then I think about the kind of person the recently dismissed was and then I realize that there is a reason that bad things happen to fairly bad people. I can't get into the sorts of things this person did, not only because its rude to slag on people who aren't around anymore but I also need to maintain a wall between work and blog. Suffice it to say that, upon reflection, he got off easy.
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