Compacting Folders in Thunderbird

My email client at work, Thunderbird, is acting fairly retarded lately and so I check into the Mozilla.com support site to find out this incredibly stupid bit about Compacting folders: "When you delete or move e-mails from a folder, Thunderbird and other e-mail programs really only 'hide' them (i.e., mark them as ready for permanent deletion), and these hidden e-mails still actually remain in the folder. Even emptying the Trash does not permanently delete them. These hidden e-mails remain in the folder until it is compacted. If you don't compact folders, your mail folders can grow very large and erratic program behavior can occur (see below), so it's a good idea to do it periodically."

Yes, deleting your email doesn't actually delete your email. You have to throw it in the trash and then compact the folder for some absolutely stupid reason. And how do you find this out? Well, you use the program for a while, it starts to behave stupidly and then you get to look around the Mozilla support site until you stumble upon this stupid shit about compacting folders. When I delete a goddamned email, I want the email deleted, not hidden so I have to go back and "compact" it. Who's fucking brilliant idea was that? They should get a good kick in the nuts.

Nice work, Thunderbird, you've just dumbed your way off my computers. And, truthfully, I'm a little sick and tired of the wonky crap FireFox keeps pulling too.

[Update for Chuck: What's happening is Thunderbird keeps telling me there are more new emails than there are and two spams just cannot be deleted. They reappear every single time I check my email and I make very sure to mark them as spam, move them to the trash and (now) compact the folder. But they are right back the next time I check the mail. Its infuriating really.

I've never had an email program that had to be coddled like this piece of shit. Emptying the trash should do what it says and empty the trash, not require another step to really, really, really delete the emails. Maybe they've got a good reason for doing it that way but I can't fathom it.

Thunderbird's also hanging on start up while it builds a summary in-box or something. Its slow to change folders and the address book has no way to check over all the emails I've sent to a particular person as in a real contact management program. The program is pretty weak from my experience and I'm likely to go back to using Goldmine or, yuck, Calypso. I've never used Outlook because I can't stand MS products and will refuse to use them if at all possible.]
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