Scratching an Itch for Pie

So I had to do a few in-flight adjustments on my pie making plans for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Instead of the Pineapple Rhubarb and the Brandied Date and Walnut pie, I reloaded and went for traditional with a little twist.

The rhubarb had to be scratched because fresh rhubarb is hard to come by in November in New England and the Date pie had to be scrapped because my lovely wife thought it sounded gross.

So I made an Caramel-Apple Pie. Its in its ten minute cool down right now and then it will get drizzled with the remaining caramel over the crumbled topping. It smells pretty damned awesome though and I'm excited to dig into it tomorrow night after the feast.

And no, you cannot pronounce car-a-mel, car-mel because Carmel is a pretty little seaside down in California that used to have Clint Eastwood as its mayor.
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