Score One for Science

Pat Robertson Warns Pa. Town of Disaster because they've removed every school board member who advocated the teaching of the farcical theory of Intelligent Design in schools when ID is a faith based theory that has absolutely no business in a science classroom.

Sure, it can be discussed in an ethics class and used an example of religious nutfucks trying to stupid up America with their nonsense theories (and it should be noted the chasm between the validity of a widely held scientific theory and Joe Blow's theory about why girls wear thongs, a scientific theory is much more concrete and provable than some guy's pet theory). From the Wiki link above: In scientific usage, theory is not the opposite of fact. Theories are typically ways of explaining why things happen, usually after the fact that they happen is no longer in scientific dispute. In referring to the "theory of global warming", for example, there is no implication that global warming is not occurring; world temperatures have been measured and are increasing. The "theory of global warming" refers instead to scientific work that explains how and why this has been happening.

So, the theory of evolution isn't open to dispute about its validity as a method of explaining how life came to be in the current state it is on this planet. Its intellectually dishonest to try and dismantly evolution as false because its called a theory, scientific theories are already held as true and the theory refers to explaining the mechanisms by which the phenemenon function, not that there is room to dispute the underlying science.

And lastly, Pat Robertson, shut up. Just shut your stupid-making pie-hole up. Quit talking about assassinations, quit talking about Intelligent Design like it has any business being mentioned in the same frame as evolution. Just shut up. Or go back to your 700 Club echo chamber.
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