Pursuing a Balance

So its pretty much the end of the day and, overall, I did pretty decently in unplugging myself. A few times I found myself following links from my Yahoo page but stopped before they loaded. I read my email (and synched it to my Clie, which was cool), took notes on things that happened today and actually ended up getting a fair amount of work done. And that's kind of what I was afraid of, not that its any leap of logic or anything, its just easier to deny without empirical evidence.

So the end result is that I'm going to be trying to make more of an effort to unplug during the day as I can. At least for now, things have taken a turn at work and I'm going to be substantially busier for the foreseeable future. And I need to be able to concentrate on that.

Which means I'll have to be catching up in morning and evening posts or maybe I'll just do the mini Blog This posts during the day. Or something, who knows. By no means does this signal the end of IP, just a necessary shift in priorities until things settle back down or I convince my bosses that I need a monkey to run my errands for me.
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