Like Air-Filled Jewels

Bright blue bubble

Colored Soap Bubbles

Look, pretty!

If you're interested in the pretty serious science behind suspending dye in a soap bubble, you might want to read the accompanying article, The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles. I love a good story and this is a good one. The kind my father would have absolutely loved reading. The only bummer thing about these cool new vivid soap bubbles is that they aren't commercially available yet. But they will be and then the technology can and will spread into a whole passle of other applications, think of where you'd like to be able to see if you've wiped or applied a cream or something and then have that dye slowly fade to nothing. Sunscreen, disinfectant towels, paintballs, the list is nearly endless and that's what makes it so cool. A scientific breakthrough while searching for a way to make a better bubble.
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