Gas Prices and Record Profits

You know, I find it pretty amazing that gas prices can fluctuate so quickly. Gas prices have been up and down so much they should be taking motion sickness pills.

Public outcry, some media spotlights and, whoops, prices are dropping all over the country. Two weeks ago, gas at the local station was hovering at around $2.97 a gallon. This morning its down to $2.67.

Why? Have they brought all that capacity back online in the Gulf after Katrina and Wilma? Has some huge untapped reserve been found?

Or have the oil barons realized that they were about to get angry mobs storming their offices with ironically oil-soaked torches looking for some fat cats to hang?

I'm leaning pretty strongly towards that last one.
[Update: Libertine notes he got gas for $2.17 this evening and I saw it for as low as $2.49. I'm not really complaining (unless my neighbor gets his Hummer back) but it's kind of amazing, isn't it?]
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