Dads Rule!

My brother out pulling the two older boys in a semi-surprise snowstorm that gave us a fun 6 inch dusting of snow to play in.

One of the boys was laying down with his feet towards my brother, the other was sitting on the seat.

As you might guess, hauling a kayak around on the snow is fairly tiring work so he asked for some help. I went out and helped him pull the kayak some.

As happens, on the last pull we botched the release and the kayak was launched at an unwieldy angle which resulted in the kayak doing an Eskimo roll about fifteen feet down the short hill. The boy sitting on the seat stayed in the kayak until it came back up and then was tossed out. He was okay but understandably a little shaken up. The boy who'd been laying down got thwacked in the eye a bit and ended up with a tough looking little bruise.

Both were done for the day, which was fine for me. The cold air and the unexpected running had sapped whatever energy I had when I stepped outside.
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