Changing Over

Well, I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to wait for Yahoo to try to restore access to my account after I've faxed them their demanded information.

I have little doubt that I didn't get the information exactly exact as they commanded so I'm resigned to the fact that I've lost my figan8 at yahoo dot com email address. Which is really pretty sad actually as I've had that address for a very long time and there are a huge number of emails from family and friends in there that are gone. If you're trying to get ahold of me, use jh at intellectualpoison dot com for now until I get things sorted out.

Not to mention my fantasy teams that are pretty well screwed now and I think I'll be demanding my money back for the Statracker add-on now that the account is broken.

Its pretty damned galling really to me that Yahoo can treat people's accounts so wantonly. Sure, they're trying to help me get back into my account but they aren't trying very hard and they love, love, love to put in the dire warnings about what happens if this doesn't work.

Here's the final line from their email to me:
For security reasons, if you are unable to supply us with the correct information in your next request, we will not be able to offer assistance with this account.

Which I take to mean, nice work screwing up your account, moron, unless you have every little bit of random information we're going to ask for now, you are fucked but thanks for giving us all that money for so long.

Which basically means that, if they don't get this shit straightened out, I will sever all contact with Yahoo and never use any aspect of Yahoo again, save Flickr. How's that work for you, Yahoo? Do you want a fully disgruntled and angry ex-customer ready to counter-evangelize Yahoo? That is, are you ready to have me thoroughly pissed off and happy to relate the details to anyone who'll listen in order to help them avoid doing business with you?

Good because that's pretty much exactly what I'm going to do once you come back and regretfully inform me that the account is broken and cannot be fixed even though that's an utter and complete load of bullshit.
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