Buy House Get Free Wife

As usual, the internets will offer up something that kind of just makes you sigh and feel bad for humanity in a sort of lonely and depressing way. Its with this mindset that I offer, House With Bride.

The house costs $600,000 and comes with a free bride who, unless the photos are massively photoshopped, is quite a looker and reasonably successful. Even more so knowing she's nearly 50! Which makes me wonder why she's had such a hard time finding someone to be with and really the only conclusion I can come to is that she's completely batshitinsane. And by batshitinsane I mean that she's got a bar of standards set so high that God himself (or herself if you prefer) wouldn't pass muster.

And oh yes, God is part of the equation. I suppose I shouldn't really knock her effort to find someone as I'm a product of an unusual coupling. However you find that special someone (presuming you're not surfing death row looking for your perfect mate) is valid in my book. Its just that these sorts of plaintive pleas are sort of sad really. I wonder if she thinks it her or the rest of the world that's messed up?
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