Busting an eBay Scammer

This is gold, this is an AskMetaFilter post by a guy who is trying to appear as if he was scammed when, in reality, he was simply trying to refine his scamming techniques by querying the intelligentsia at Ask MetaFilter.

It is totally worth the read and is getting better and better. The short story is this guy asked whether it was ever possible to get money back from an eBay scammer. But it pretty quickly becomes apparent that he's the scammer and the person he scammed joined MetaFilter to post in the thread and now the Bakersfield police are involved and the USPS mail fraud division.

This might be the first time someone got arrested directly because of MetaFilter. Someone needs to write this up! The human interest angle alone is just incredibly fascinating and then there are the dumb, dumb mistakes the scammer made. This is just begging for widespread media coverage.
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