Because Its the Rats That Are The Problem

Congress may probe leaks in CIA prisons story, not that they'll look into whether there are secret CIA prisons being run in foreign countries. Nope, that's not the issue to this government, the fact that the information was leaked is more important than the news that the CIA may be running covert prisons overseas. Think about that for a moment, they are unconcerned with the news being leaked and far more concerned with the fact that the news got out. The same thing for the escape of Omar al-Farouq, what's Alberto Gonzales saying about the escape? "....Gonzales described the apparent breakdown in communication as a 'serious problem' and told CNN in an interview that it would be investigated." Not that he shouldn't have escaped or been able to or anything like that, no, its about the leak.

This administration should, if there's any justice in the world, choke on its own vomit one of these mornings. And don't forget, the US doesn't torture people but Dick Cheney wants the CIA omitted from that agreement. So the correct statement is "We do not torture but the CIA can and does and is". Can you say "warped priorities"? Yeah, I knew you could.

I had this thought on the way from work the other day, if you have found some way to rationalize the torture and abuse of prisoners of war then you are a flawed human being. If you have found a way to justify the beating to death of inmates then you are a flawed human being. If you think the USA is above the law and can stomp all over human rights and never have to pay the piper, as it were, then you are a flawed human being. Behaving as if the law does not apply to you is the most sure way I know of to learn the hard way that the law of the land does, in fact, apply to you. And if you call yourself a Christian and you're advocating more torture then you are a fundamentally flawed and hypocritical human being.

Torture is not acceptable. Torture is not a viable means to any ends worth arriving at. Torture debases America and its interests. Torture is what the bad guys do, not the good guys and the US is supposed to be the good guys. Its painful to know that we're not, that we are acting like the global bully with a religious zealot at the controls.
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