Sheffield: 'I know who the leader is on the team'

How do you get news coverage if you're a Yankee in New York, do it the Gary Sheffield way, Open mouth, insert foot, repeat.

And then, follow it up by playing the race card, yet again.
"It happens because you're white and I'm black," Sheffield said [about his reputation]. "My interpretation of things is different. You don't see it the way I see it. You write how you understand it, how you would articulate it, not how I, as a black man, would articulate it."
Mr. Sheffield, people don't dislike you because you're black. They dislike you because you're an arrogant asshole. There is a major difference, one is racism, the other's not. Its not racist to dislike you, its racist to use that tired old excuse for your hostility to pretty well everyone.

What's your legacy going to be? That you were a good player on the field and a pretty complete asshole off it.

As for saying you're the leader of the team? I'm pretty sure there's a few other guys on the team who've been there longer who would contest your "leadership". Not that I care because you are all a bunch of underachieving overpaid wankers who just might miss the playoffs altogether. And that would be fine, especially if George has a stroke because of it.
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