Surfing the BIG Waves

For those that aren't knowing, there are BIG wave surfing contests on the mainland. One such event is at Mavericks up near Half Moon Bay.

The conditions were right and they announced the big wave event 24 hours before it began today. Check it out at, mavericks: the wave beyond, there is a video feed as well as contest info and results.

As I will sometimes do, I also posted this to MeFi at the same time. A couple of good links from the thread already: Riding Giants, Step Into Liquid, Mavericks and highlights from last year.

I also found out that they are charging $5 for the video feed which is, in my mind, an incredibly stupid mistake. And a further bit of info says the feed isn't worth the $5 spot. I also heard that the event will be covered by ESPN in the next day or two, I bet they get some top notch video of it!

And, last bit, check out this guy who's surfing Mavericks without his board! Actually, he is just about to eat it very, very hard. But he was okay and he's a local hero by the name of Flea. Rock on!