Speed Review: Kelsey Grammar's The Sketch Show

This will be a quick one.

For a show trying to be funny, I don't think I've seen one that was as thoroughly unfunny and unentertaining as The Sketch Show. Lame humor delivered poorly by people who wish they'd made MadTV or Saturday Night Live does not a good show make. The Sketch Show sucked bad, worse than Cop Rock even (and yes, that is saying something extraordinary).

I predict it will not even make a second episode unless the network has literally nothing to replace. Even reruns of the utterly retchworthy Night Rider would be preferable to it.

On the other side, The Contender was a pretty entertaining show last night and I was very, very pleased to see the baby-faced king of cheesy verbal slappage not only lose his fight and get tossed off the show but he also tried to fight dirty, disgusted his fiancee and everyone in the crowd. Nice work, asshole. Ishe Smith, I could use less Godtalk but I like the guy. And he put his money where his fists were after ducking the fight last week. It was good stuff. My only question is what favors did Stallone have to offer the celebs to pack the room? There were dozens of stars watching the fight at the end of the show.