'Roid Rage Romo Represents

Time for another court case, this time one athlete suing another one for ending his career during a practice session. Williams hopes to sack Romanowski in court in which Marcus Williams' is seeking damages from alleged 'Roid Rager Bill Romanowski because Romo ripped Williams' helmet off during a practice and punched him hard enough in the eye to break the bones around it and ending his career.

Notwithstanding the fact that Bill Romanowski is a class-A giant sized asshole who should be in prison, Marcus Williams has a good case. It was a cheap shot, it was a blind side punch, it was payback for Williams' successfully blocking him the play before. So Romo rages out on him, pulls his helmet off from behind and cold cocks him in the eye, ending his career.

A public apology from Romanowski issued several days later wasn't near enough to compensate for Williams' loss of income represented by the ending of his career.

Bill Romanowski represents much of what's wrong with pro sports. A fuck you all attitude combined with an utter lack of respect for other players, Williams was his team mate when he assaulted him! Oh yeah, and being prone to violent outbursts in addition to having a suitcase full of "supplements" with him at all times. Nice class act, Romo. I hope they make you the wife (and yes, I'm aware he's not being tried criminally, just being sued for his money so he won't be going to jail for this assault, I'm sure he's got a few more left in him).