Now Who's in Control?

Full Size Nande on the Ball
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
This is the natural followup to the pic below of the puppy Nande trying to corral the huge exercise ball. Well, that huge ball isn't so huge next to my big ol' hound.

Now Nande can dominate the ball pretty handily but she still tries to get her teeth into it and, one of these days when its underinflated, she'll succeed and that'll be the end of the exercise ball fun.

But she still gets amped up for play whenever I bounce the ball around her. She's always good to go and its one of her best features as well as one of her worst features.

Her habit in the morning is to whine while I get dressed to take her down for her walk. Her whining is like a turbo charged power cheese grater on my nerves and I will often have to reprimand her and even make her go and wait for me in another room. I wish there were some way to impress upon her that the whining is extraordinarily detrimental to my morning moods.

And then we get down into the slough and her innate goofiness and joy of living take over and I find that I will be laughing at her before I know it.

Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Don't drink and drive, at least not in the Bay Area, they are making a massive push to stop DUI's. I'm expecting to get stopped even though I haven't had a drink in a week.