Nineteen and a Half Pounds

Today is Graydon's 8 month birthday. He's been with us for two thirds of a year now and is growing more quickly and more wonderfully than I could ever hoped.

He's almost 20 pounds now, just under 30 inches (or maybe just over), has two teeth firmly coming on the bottom and a couple more making their way out.

He is an amazing child. I know every parent feels that way (or should) about their children but its not just me. Its people who meet him for the first time and are taken with how interactive he is, how happy he is, how aglow he is or with how calm he is or how well he eats or all of it.

I showed him some pictures of himself over the last 8 months and it was great fun to watch him realize that it was a picture of himself. If he was smiling in the picture, he'd end up smiling and giggling at the picture. If he was serious, he'd look serious back.

I'm still new to this parenting thing and maybe all kids are like mine but I just find it hard to believe that all kids are as happy as he is almost all the time. Am I wrong? Do most little kids exist in a happy place most of the time? Or are we just extraordinarily lucky?