New Words

These have been piling up for a month or so now and why not make them the weekend post. Some damned fine new words, if I do say so myself.

Barget - pronounced bar-sjay, its what happens when Target has a sale and too many people rush the door at once, they barget it.

Zennui - the nirvana like state produced by acute ennui.

Freakle - freak people.

Furson - someone who just loves to wear fur. Like an anti-Pam Anderson.

Aracknophobia - fear of women without breasts.

Iraqnophobia - fear of nations without weapons of mass destruction.

Informated - when your computer pops up a window to let you know that that you're new media (CD, floppy, zip disk) has been initialized and is ready for use.

GOPerative - an agent of the GOP, see Jeff Gannon/James Guckert for exactly what this means.