More Pathetic Blogger Suckage

So what's Blogger been up to since they were sucking oh so mightily the other day? (Ed. note, it took 18 hours before Blogger would let me get back to this post to add "day" to that first line. Quality work, Blogger, quality work.)

Why, more sucking today, that's what.

It took almost fifteen minutes to go from the Dashboard to the list of posts to edit this afternoon. And then Blogger refused, absolutely refused, to load up a post to edit or publish.

So here I am, penning another angry fuck Blogger post. The status page says they became aware of the "issue" on the 11th and were working diligently to solve the issue. Well guess what, folks? Its six days later and the system is still FUCKED.

Unacceptable doesn't even begin to cover it. I will be starting to install WordPress tonight if I can make the time. And I learned that they have a mechanism for importing Blogger posts (as well as other types) which will be just dandy.

Blogger's been mostly very good for me but these latest "issues" have pretty well killed any interest I might have had in continuing to use the service.