Life with Bad Feet

I've always had some sort of issue with my feet, ever since I was a little boy. Problems with my legs, problems with my hips, a bad knee, three surgeries on one ankle (due to gross operator negligence) and feet that would make pancakes envious in their flatness.

The latest hassle has been a condition called plantar fasciitis, defined as inflammation involving the plantar fascia especially in the area of its attachment to the calcaneus and causing pain under the heel in walking and running. Ahh, the understatement of dictionaries. Pain, in this instance, means that, when I walk barefoot, I walk very gingerly and painfully. I'm not supposed to walk barefoot at all, ever. And I've got my stretches in the morning that take alot longer than other stretches I've done.

I don't know if its getting better yet but I do know I really like my cushiony new running shoes, even more so with a pair of those gel-inserts for extra cushion. Though I do feel like a doofus when I wear my running shoes and a pair of boxers (because I don't know what the weather's been like where you are but its been hot, hot, hot and muggy down here). But I'm a dad, I've been expecting to lose my sense of fashion for more than 8 months, looks like its just about gone now though.