Heaven's More Fun with Pals

Heaven's More Fun with Pals
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
The smaller version of this picture doesn't do it justice. The large image lets you see the trail of paw prints in the sand, the kinetic action of Nande sprinting after the dogs in the water, the splashing of the dogs ahead of her. The growing fog mass competing with the blue sky and the reflections in the water in the foreground.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the beach. Actually, there are several from this series that I like alot. I'm thinking about making this one into a short series, this long range shot and then a couple of other pics zooming in on the dogs.

There is almost nothing better to do with your dog than go to the beach and let her run and play and tumble and dig and more. You meet great people, Hi Jen and Pria!, your dog gets lots of socialization and, heck, its the beach, does it really need to be sold anymore?

The funniest thing about yesterday's outing was that Nande got too fixated on playing chase (in this case she was chasing handfuls of sand, yes, sand) and wouldn't give the black dog any attention. So the black dog just barked and barked and barked at her and then would chase Nande chasing the sand.

With other folks walking their dogs we got up to 8 or 9 dogs charging around at one point. All happy, all friendly and each one of them with their own mission. There was the hound dog who's job it was to sound the alarm when the excitement got to be too much, there was the Corgi looking mix who's job it was to outrace all the other dogs and get the flying disc, there was Nande who just liked to run with the other dogs and there was Buckley, a little yorkie who would get attention while the other dogs played.

Beach days are good days. Beach days with my dog are better days. Beach days with my dog, my wife and my boy are the best days of all.