Hard to Believe

Nande Wild Action Ball
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
Looking at this pic now, about a year later, its very hard to believe that my 80 pound hound was ever smaller than the exercise ball.

People who haven't seen her in a while are amazed at how tall she is and really just her overall size is pretty impressive.

Lately she's been very manic at night though. Looking at the ceiling for reflections from the lights, following me from room to room and generally just feeling uneasy much of the time. Its not that I don't like the company during my 2 am trips to the bathroom but sometimes it would be fine to be able to walk the house without my canine shadow.

But I try to keep in mind that she doesn't get a whole lot of socialization these days and that I am her main companion. Its part of the reason I'd love to switch jobs to a position where she could be with me all day, everyday.

Until then, we'll just have to enjoy our walks together.