Energizer Baby

Its Sunday now, which is good. Saturday was almost 24 straight hours of suck. Combine an aching head and body with the exhaustion I've been trying to recover from all week and I could literally, barely keep my eyes open. Exhaustion which has chosen to manifest itself with flu-like symptoms, sore muscles and a very tender skull, too quick a movement and it feels like someone's kicked me upside the head.

Which wouldn't normally be such an issue. Except for the fact that someone snuck in during the night and replaced my little boy's batteries with ones that would keep up and running all day and all night. Naps are for other kids, this little boy was up and at-em all day long.

Which gets really quite tiring all on its own. It isn't helped that he was stuffed up and had some difficulty breathing through his nose. But I don't think it was just the stuffed up-ness. It was like his shifter got stuck in drive and he just couldn't get offline for a nap. Or, on the occasion that one of us was able to rock him down to sleep, he would be out for about ten minutes before charging back to consciousness and looking for stuff to explore and destroy.

This is hard work sometimes, even with the two of us, it can be overwhelming. Today has already begun better though. Graydon slept in until 7, after a bottle at 12:30 this morning. He's still congested but has already had a nap with me after breakfast. He definitely isn't as amped up as he was yesterday. And that's good because I was almost no help yesterday but am feeling somewhat better this morning so far.

And I have an appetite again so that will help with the energy levels quite a bit too.