Donning the SuckSuit

I've resisted blogging much about work lately, not just because I've been too busy but also because its a really good way to find yourself at the end of the umemployment line.

But there are things that happen and continue to happen that are really just a fucking anchor to the company and I'm getting well sick of it. We had a great show, it went well, no one threw any fits, no one stomped out furious, no one vowed to leave and never return. Our sales team had meetings nearly throughout the two days and booked an enormous amount of new business.

So why, why does the sales lead have to continue to feel the need to abuse the staff? Why does he have to continually find someone to bitch and moan about? Why does he have to inflict his own shitty attitude on the office?

What it all comes down is, no one wants to work for an asshole, no one wants to work with an asshole and people will end up doing all kinds of crazy things to avoid it. As for me, I'm mapping my exit strategy and will have my ducks in order so I can jump at just about any time I damned well please. Life is too short to suffer the continued barbs of people who are supposed to be setting an example of professional behaviour.